Whether you want to take a person out of a photo or add someone in - we can probably do that for you.

Did someone have their eyes closed when everyone else looked fine? Maybe we can wake them up.

If you are always the one taking the photos and never show up in the photos, we can put you there.

Does your portrait need "tweaking" for holiday gift giving? - We can take off a few years or a few pounds.


Here is the EASY, Economical way to make your digital photos look great:

1. Send your photo as an attachment to:

2. Explain clearly what you would like done to the image(s).

3. We will determine if it is possible and contact you with a firm price as well as a timeline for completion. Upon completion - you will receive a "watermarked" version for approval.

4. We are currently arranging a PayPal account - until then - a check or money order in U.S. Funds must be received before the final image is released to you.

Minor Photo "Retouching"
Color Image Isolation

BEFORE - Sunlight through the window washes out the person on the right. The client also asked that we "slim down" the three people on the right.


AFTER - You can see how some detail was revealed in the face and jacket of the person on the right. The three were also "slimmed down" slightly without radically changing their appearance.


BEFORE - An interesting and colorful costume is lost in the clutter of the background.


AFTER - In this photograph the color was removed from everything except the main subject.

Minor Image Repair
Moderate Image Repair

BEFORE - Old photo was scratched and torn with a coffee stain at the bottom


AFTER - All scratches and placed where surface was destroyed were restored - coffee stain removed

BEFORE - This photo was faded and discolored   AFTER - Image was brought back and enhanced
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